1Is purchasing from Fitness/ Wellness for Life Caribbean LLC more expensive than buying from Lifefitness.com?
Answer: Since Fitness/ Wellness For Life Caribbean LLC is an exclusive distributor of Lifefitness the pricing is exactly the same. 
2Who will fulfill my preventive/corrective maintenance and uphold my warranties if I purchase from Fitness For Life Caribbean LLC?
Answer: Purchasing from FFLC LLC will allow you to enjoy locally all the warranties extended from Lifefitness. Our proactive authorized Lifefitness technicians are motivated and will attend any service issue that might arise during the life of your equipment.
3Do you install locally in all the islands of the Caribbean?
Answer: Yes, we cater to all the islands in the Caribbean except Dominican Republic. We also service Bermuda.
4Is shipment available to all the Caribbean islands, can I purchase my equipment from Fitness For Life Caribbean LLC and have my equipment sent to my freight forwarder in Miami?
Answer: We ship to all the islands in the Caribbean and Bermuda. 

All customers have the choice of shipping their purchase to a freight forwarder, after delivery is received and confirmed by the freight forwarder it is their responsibility of the handling and care of the equipment.
5What is the approximate ETA once I place the order?
Answer: Depending on the Island and the mix of equipment purchased the ETA may vary. The average ETA for equipment that is in stock is 8 business days.
6Do you deliver door to door and take care of all the duties, import taxes?
Answer: No, we do not ship door to door and never include local import duties in our quotes, we can ship to any freight forwarder in the US mainland or ship to any port of entry of any island. Inland and ocean freight charges will be included in your quote depending on where the customer desires delivery.