Life Fitness is the global leader of the fitness industry. With over 1700 employees, 5 manufacturing facilities and a network of more than 120 exclusive distributors worldwide our commercial, professional and home fitness products have a reputation for being durable, reliable and on the cutting edge of both technology and design.
With more than 25 years in the market place Life Fitness Caribbean's goal is to create an optimal exercise experience for our end user improving quality of life and motivating him/her through exercising on equipment that is safe, comfortable and bio-mechanically correct.
We focused on distributing sporting goods and fitness equipment for different market segments including residential, semi-commercial, hotels, corporate and fully commercial fitness centers. More than a sales relationship, we want to build a structure that covers all of our customer’s needs within the Health and Fitness departments. We strive to offer more than just equipment, allegiance and assessment for fitness facilities.




Life Fitness innovation begins with product design and conception and doesn't end until our fitness equipment ships out of the warehouse. It's essential to creating the best fitness equipment in the industry.


Striking or subtle, expert design is an essential aspect of an unforgettable experience.
Aesthetic design doesn’t stand on its own. It requires a framework of functionality. Life Fitness equipment is engineered and tested to be user friendly, intuitive, biomechanically sound and inviting for exercisers of all fitness levels.


The largest dedicated biomechanics team in fitness studies how people and machines interact. The result is equipment that is inviting to all exercisers.
Life Fitness was the first in the fitness industry to begin in-house biomechanics testing in 2000. Life Fitness was the first in the fitness industry to see the need for, and create, a biomechanics testing lab.


Extensive testing in the $4 million reliability lab at Life Fitness ensures the products meet the highest global standards and are built to last in any environment.
Life Fitness products are put through a rigorous testing regimen, which means they're ready to stand up to rugged use in the busiest of facilities.


Life Fitness maintains ISO 9001 certification and manufacturers equipment under the highest quality standards.
3% of our products are randomly selected from the production line, assembled and tested before being shipped. The experienced testers at Life Fitness can detect even the slightest equipment flaw.


In 1968, Life Fitness created the Lifecycle exercise bike. It employed groundbreaking technology and was the first piece of electronic exercise equipment ever created. Over the next four decades, we've taken the steps needed to stay ahead of technology.
Life Fitness equipment interacts with popular fitness apps to provide exercise enthusiast with the connection they expect.
Through LFconnect.com, FitBit and Jawbone wearable tracking devices provide immediate and accurate results after workouts on select Life Fitness cardio equipment.
Bluetooth compatibility connects exercisers to equipment for workout tracking, hands-free heart rate monitoring, and enhanced entertainment.